The Light & The Darkness


[Caligo Karon] DragonScion [Caligo Xenon] DragonScion [Caligo Chakaram] Elementalist [Caligo Kataria] Ranger [Caligo Dagger] Swashbuckler [Caligo Rapier] Swashbuckler [Caligo Staff] Mage,Sorcerer [Caligo Wand] Mage,Sorcerer [Caligo Crossbow] Hunter,Archer [Caligo Bow] Hunter,Archer,Ranger [Caligo Shield] Knight,Berserker [Caligo Halberd] Knight,Berserker [Caligo Axe] Knight,Berserker [Caligo Mace] Knight,Berserker [Caligo Claymore] Knight,Berserker [Caligo Sword] Knight,Berserker ITEM GUIDE

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