Update & Patches - 12/19/2012



The Archlord Scheduled Maintenance December, 19 2012 (GST) has been completed and now all game servers are available.

◆ Perform Tasks

▷ Archlord Skill Restriction

   - Disable to Transform to “Archlord” within Siege Battle Region

   - Disable “Call Dragon” during Archlord Final Battle.

▷ Bug Fixation

   - Heroic Skill Issue

     : Error of “Disease” Skill Fixed

   - Guild System Issue

     : Guild Flag Positon Error at Guild UI and Flag Change Error Fixed

   - Silver & Golden Cloud Mount error

     : Text Error(includes ID) issue Fixed

   - System Message Issue

     : “Miss” Message Apperance Error during Weapon Change Fixed

   - Chat Room Error :

     : Banned Word Use Error Fixed

▷ New Chantra Item Release 

   - Marvel Scroll of Release 35% OFF

     : 3 Marvel Scroll of Release 

▷ System maintenance

[Sale -OFF]

   - Premium Box –Race contains 2 Gold Ticket Close

Thank you
Archlord Support Team

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